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ATTN: Life Insurance Agents Who Want A Bigger Piece of the Pie!

"Discover How You Can Become An Equity Owner In Partners Life & Create The Retirement of Your Dreams"

"Discover How You Can Become An Equity Owner In Partners Life & Create The Retirement of Your Dreams"

Dorian Saunders

St. Louis, Missouri

Being a part of this industry for the last 30 years I’ve had my share of management and agent highs and lows. Feeling burned out and overwhelmed I was seeking a place where I could be my own boss and have the opportunity to actually own what I was building. I found Partners Life and I loved their bonus structure. It’s the only company I’ve found that gives 90% of its profits back to the agents and partners who are actually doing the work. Partners Life provides a non-competitive environment encouraging all agents/managers to work together to increase the bonus pool for all to participate in. The new agents also get to share in this bonus pool which most other company’s structure isn’t set up for.

Are You Sick & Tired of Everyone at the "Top" Making All The Money?

We Were Too! That's Why We Started Partners Life - We Believe Agents Deserve Fair Pay!

We Were Too! That's Why We Started Partners Life - We Believe Agents Deserve Fair Pay!

You Do All The Work - You Take All The Risk - You Invest Your Time & Money To Build a Team - You Should Be Rewarded!

That's why we have a generous compensation package, which includes immediate vesting in renewals and profit-sharing program, providing the financial stability You deserve.


James Coleman


I’ve been a licensed insurance agent for about almost 7 years now and about 2 years ago I was looking for a new place to call home a place where there wasn’t conference calls every day, there wasn’t the pressure to recruit friends and family, there wasn’t the pressure to belong and fit into the good old boys club, there wasn’t a bunch of hype along with a bunch of selling people a pipe dream about what was possible. I wanted a place where I felt I belonged, where the people meaning the agents felt valued, I wanted a place where the leadership of the company was transparent, ethical, and honest. I wanted a place where there was fair competitive pay, a place where you can own your own book of business and you’re vested day one on your renewals. Here at Partners Life, I found just that and even more. Here at Partners, I get to participate in their monthly profit sharing program where the company takes part of its profits and distributes it to all the agents that qualify for that bonus that month. Here at Partners Life I even have the chance of becoming a partner in the company, now that’s a big deal because I truly have a vested interest in building and helping build Partners Life. Most of all what I like about Partners Life is that it’s a company built by agents run by agents for agents. Here at Partners Life, it’s your business, your way you own it.

Matt & Heidi Thornton


There is a meme that shows a CEO/Owner leaning on his Lamborghini. The caption says if you work hard and give 100% this year, I can buy another new one next year too! Forget those guys!

We love Partner's life! We have been in the sales industry since the 90s and We have never even heard of any company where sales agents are treated equally with the owners. There is no CEO sucking up the profits. We share that money based on our results, not who we know or when we were hired.

Regardless of industry, the CEO's normal pay is going back to the producing agents in profit-sharing bonuses! This has never been heard of! Thank you Partners Life!

Veronica Crippen


As a professional busy mom, I was looking for ways to bring in extra income. I had tried MLM’s and other insurance IMO’s to no avail, I had even quit looking. When Partners Life was presented to me it felt like I hit the jackpot. The no-stress, no quotas, team support, and fair commissions was what I needed. I have been with Partners Life for 2 years now and have made an EXCELLENT side income that became full-time income. No other company has offered me as an agent the opportunity to take part in their ownership through their profit-sharing bonus structure.

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